march 24 horoscope for scorpio

This pattern can be traced through astrology by what are known as Houses. You can start with the Sun Sign, but.

Planet Mars In Astrology

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Planets – Mars

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Astrological Mars

Remedial Astrology. Its roots can be traced back to Babylonian, Roman, and Greek mythology. A modern twist on it all presents what we know as astrology today. In a sense, each planet lives vicariously through the zodiac signs it rules over and the people who were born under them.

Mars: The Planet of Passion

To me, that makes life so much more interesting. The idea of a planet guiding and powering each of us just makes everyone seem so powerful.

MARS - Key Symbolism

Even though only one or two planets may rule over your sign, never forget that they all have an affect on you. Mars rules over desire, aggression, passion, anger, and our most primal instincts. In Roman mythology, it is considered the god of war. As a zodiac sign, fiery Aries embodies these qualities. Of course Taurus is ruled by affectionate and sensual Venus.

This planet rules over beauty, luxury, money, and romance. In Roman mythology, Venus is the goddess of love. Quick-witted and clever Gemini is ruled by Mercury.

Planet in Vedic Astrology

In Roman mythology, it is considered the messenger of the gods. It rules over self-expression, communication, connection, and the intellect. Sensitive Cancer is ruled by the moon. In astrology, the moon rules over emotions, irrational responses, your mood, and the way you process feelings.

Planet Mars in Astrology

In Roman mythology, the moon is the female counterpart to the sun. Bold and confident Leo is ruled by the sun. In Roman mythology, the sun is the god Sol. It rules over your overall character, your will to live, your identity, and your ego. In astrology, Mercury also rules over left-brained and logical Virgo.

It rules over analysis, rationality, technology, communication, and connection. Venus also rules over Libra.

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In astrology, Venus rules over aesthetics, harmony, grace, charisma, style, and wealth. Mysterious and magnetic Scorpio is ruled by two planets: Pluto and Mars.