It will be easy for you to take on the selfless role when the Moon transits your 11th. You will have an easier time to connect and be social and through these connections, you will be able to help others in a way that pushes your social status.

Monday, January 14

Expect rewards, praise and connecting with powerful people. The Moon here allows you to vibrate and with Venus and Jupiter in the mix, this can only mean promising things. Your persona will be put to the test to see how much pressure you can handle when being pushed by your peers or colleagues. With the Moon here, you will pour your heart out to projects and will receive the much-needed accolades depending on how hard you work.

Saturn will gift you in the long run, but Venus will allow you to shine, granting you the courage needed to face anything.

Jupiter will give you the confidence and energy needed to achieve what you want. Plans that were put into motion months ago will start to reveal themselves. Sagittarius seeks information and knowledge, so it is appropriate that this Lunar Eclipse will gift you with what you love, learning. Opportunities for higher education will present themselves as well as plans for travel. Jupiter will allow you to expand your learning and to see new horizons.

Either way, you will learn, study and put to action whatever information you have absorbed. This is the perfect time to manage finances, debt and other things relating to money. With tax season looming, get your finances in order so you can save some of your hard-earned cash. You will be driven to earn more and spend less. Family will take great importance during this transit as Jupiter and Mars make aspects that will shift your attention briefly to matters of the Home. There will be harmony with Home thanks to the aspect made by the Moon.

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It is possible for you to feel inspired to pursue any creative venues. Trust your intuition and the powerful dreams you will have during this transit. This is your season.

It might have felt stuffy for you with all of those planets in your 12th, but now that the Sun is in your First, you will feel awakened with the burst of energy needed to take on the world. You will feel confident in your abilities, wanting to feel an emotional connection with others in a more intimate level. Whatever self-doubts or fear lingered in your mind will slowly be erased. Jupiter will make you feel the strength in your social groups and Venus will make you feel loved by them.

This is a period of excitement for you.

The focus will be on you now and what you have accomplished. With this Moon transit, you will be able to learn new abilities and you will throw yourself completely into your projects.

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The party will stop, and the hard work begins here and will continue for the next six months to a year. It is possible that you will achieve honors depending on how hard you work this transit.

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Lots of praise and tributes are in store for you. This transit will also give you the gift of knowledge and experience, all needed to succeed. It might not seem like fun, but it is imperative to learn and value what it truly means to be responsible. Nunez is a something astrology-obsessed accountant, avid reader and writer that enjoys escaping through words. This article was originally published at Cosmic Socialite.

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